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A Message from the Philogos Author

Do you see the need for fundamental philosophical redirection manifest?

For if you do not, if you are 'happy and content' with the way you are and see things and feel no psychological, inner, spiritual need for change, no need for your deliverance, then we really have very little to talk about. You can go back quietly to the routine mindset of your children, your church, your job, your national purpose, your physical world, procreation, and continue the human experience on the familiar circular path.

Never even mind the long, sad human history - just consider that in this, our time alone, fallacious, imperfect, wanting human aims, interpretations and understanding have brought on conflagrations with our entire world at war against itself. And no sooner a conflict 'settled' than humanity has raced on to amassing ever more deadly weapons, supposedly to 'settle' yet the next conflict. Only by now, we may just 'settle all', right into complete annihilation and oblivion. Oh, what clear proof of fundamentally wrong premise in human pursuit and unenlightened endeavor.

To be sure, our physical oblivion is pre-ordained all right, but it better be to the upside through higher awareness, for higher purpose, and not for the sake of worldly, physical objectives and greedy destruction. For if we do not get out from under the yoke of the physical world with 'graduation papers', with higher spiritual awareness, our lower energy will surely have to stay put in an imperfect state from which to eventually work its way up and out. There is no way we can reach a coveted higher, non-physical, spiritual level of existence with low and wrong impulses in our hearts and subconscious souls. That is already manifest, isn't it? For we are here now in an imperfect state – pre-disposed low spirit created this, the physical, the temporal, us, before! How easy, how straightforward it could all be if only we did recognize our basic problem, if only we could see ourselves prepared to accept and follow through consequentially on those higher principles of true reality -- that of infinity, of eternity.

Material, physical considerations are not at the core of our needed redirection. To be sure, social order, righteousness, security and economic freedoms have their place as we prepare for our way home, but our real and highest values lie in the pursuit of our true destiny: the achievement of deepest spiritual maturity and awareness in our subconscious -- and the resultant tangible transformation to a higher essence of existence.

  Philogos Tabula Rasa On the Manifest Need for Fundamental Philosophical Redirection and Realization

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Certainly, it is heaven on earth to have one's mind move in charity, rest in providence, and turn upon the poles of truth.

-- Francis Bacon